About Us & Owners.

Natures Talk Show was formed out of a passion to protect and preserve all living
things on the planet. Originally the show was titled Under The Sea Radio show
in 2011 and was geared towards the Aquarium hobby. However over a few months
time we began to do more and more shows on conservation and preservation projects.
We realized that someone needed to speak out on these issues and wanted to be
more involved with trying to save all these wonderful things. In September of
2014 we decided on the new name – Natures Talk Show.
Nature needs a voice and we feel that our radio program is that voice. Flora,
Fauna and Habitat protection are of utmost importance in the survival of the
planet which we need to live. All things have a purpose in life; even the tiniest
blade of grass has its place here.
Nature offers a place for one to relax and enjoy the sights and beauty of all
things in the habitats they are meant to be in. Whether it is forests, streams
or oceans, there is something for everyone to enjoy. We hope to get young children
involved in projects aimed at preservation and conservation, and we believe
that then there will be hope for all future generations.

Natures Talk Show, LLC also  owns and operates Hard Rock Radio Live (www.hardrockradiolive.com). This is one of the first Streaming Hard Rock Internet Radio Stations which began streaming on March 16th, 2005 and to the present.











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