Airing On Thursday
October 19th 2017

10:00 am eastern, 9:00 am central and 7:00 am pacific

On Natures Talk Shows Fine Art of Paleontology Ken McKeighen and Ken Boorman will continue their discussion on the many ce Ages evidence in the fossil record. A further point to consider is this: ice ages are rare and irregular in the geological record. This suggests that there may well not be a single cause for ice ages. If there was a constantreason why ice ages happen, then they would be a permanent feature of the geological record, or at least occur as cyclic events; the fact that they are sporadic suggests that they had singular causes. The best we can do in investigating the causes of an ice age is to look at the events leading up to it and see which of these events might, in principle, be the cause of that particular ice age.

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Fine Art of Paleontology – Ice Ages in Paleo History Part 2

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