Airing On Monday
October 23rd 2017

10:00 am eastern, 9:00 am central and 7:00 am pacific

On Monday October 23rd  Natures Talk Shows Fine art of Paleontology is pleased to welcome Chenoa Ellinghaus back to discuss all the things going on in her very interesting life. Chenoa is an inquisitive natural history illustrator from the greater Denver area, and creator of striking fossil reconstructions. Picking through paleontological data, like a detective, she strives to capture accuracy as well as a fresh approach to expressing the myriad of anatomical possibilities hidden within the evidence. With a BFA in Illustration from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, over nine years experience in the natural sciences, and a lifetime of fossil collecting, Chenoa approaches her work from artistic, biological, and geological angles. Her love for ancient life, starting in her youth, has evolved into a fascination and passion for the study of bizarre prehistoric invertebrates. Today, her artistic merits are channeled through her Paleoartist in Residence position at the Morrison Natural History Museum, bringing the past to the surface.

You can support Chenoas project by purchasing one of her Paleo Pals.Let’s find out why she loves doing what she does.Thank you Chenoa for returning!

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Fine Art of Paleontology-Chenoa Ellinghaus

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