Paleontology – Robert Bakker and Jack Horner
Natures Talk Show Fine Art of Paleontology will be discussing the amazing lives of Paleontologists, Robert Bakker and Jack Horner.

Robert Bakker

Known for his long facial beard, pony tail, and western sun hat, Dr. Robert T. Bakker is considered one of the most energetic and outspoken of the 1970s generation of American paleontologists who ushered in a new era of dinosaur theories. His particular contribution, along with a select cadre of colleagues with contrarian views, was that of the dynamic, endothermic dinosaur model. Previously, paleontologists had steadfastly maintained that the giant creatures had been slow behemoths that needed to regulate their temperature by exposure to the sun reptilian style. The idea that many species of dinosaur were warm-blooded and led active and energetic lives caught on quickly though his theories have drawn strong criticism among his peers. He also theorized that the great dinosaur extinction may have been caused by communicable diseases and strongly supported the notion that birds evolved from dinosaurs. Due to his forceful character and personality and willingness to publicly explain his viewpoints, Bakker has become a much sought after speaker and dinosaur consultant. His most visible consultancy was for Steven Spielberg?s ?Jurassic Park? series in which Spielberg introduced, and later killed off, Dr. Robert Burke, a character who was obviously similar to, and complimentary of, Dr. Bakker.

Jack Horner

Jack Horner is one of the most prominent paleontologists in the United States (the two men served as advisers for the Jurassic Park movies, and Sam Neill?s character in the original was inspired by Horner). Horner?s main claim to fame was his discovery, in the 1970?s, of the extensive nesting grounds of a North American Hadrosaur, which he named Maiasaura(?good mother lizard?). These fossilized eggs and burrows gave paleontologists an unusually detailed glimpse of the family life of duck-billed dinosaurs.
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Paleontology – Robert Bakker and Jack Horner

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Paleontology – Robert Bakker and Jack Horner
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