Airing On Monday
May 23rd 2016

8:00 pm eastern, 7:00 pm central and 5:00 pm pacific

Hungry Hollow is a place near  Arkona Ontario, this well known locality is packed with fossils. It is a working clay pit and the blue-gray clay is used for bricks. The fossils erode out of the clay or come tightly packed in a thin layer of the soft Arkona shale. Mostly corals, bryozoans and small brachs where the work is going on. Trilobites (Greenops and Phacops mostly) can be found as well as exquisite crinoids by splitting the shale. Near the river, the Mucrospirifer shells are extremely plentiful.

Listen tonight as Ken and Ken discuss the Arkona and Hungry Hollow they explored together today! First time they have met in person!


Fine Art of Paleontology – Arkona and Hungry Hollow

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