Airing On Friday
July 31st 2015

8:00 pm eastern, 7:00 pm central and 5:00 pm pacific

On Friday July 31st at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst, join Ken McKeighen and Ken Boorman on the next Green Scene as they discuss the ladies slipper orchids. These beautiful orchids are a favorite among orchid keepers.

The genus name Cypripedium is derived from the Greek words “Cypris” an early reference in Greek myth to Aphrodite, and “pedilon” for sandal. This is because the fused petals that form the orchid’s pouch or modified lip (labellum) resemble a slipper or shoe. The staminode (sterile stamen) is often showy and seems to welcome the insect into the pouch where it makes its way to a back-door exit and in so doing transfers pollen to the stigma.






The Green Scene – Orchids – Lady Slippers
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