Airing On Tuesday
August 8th 2017

10:00 am eastern, 9:00 am central and 7:00 am pacific

On Natures Talk Shows Monsters of Nature Series Ken Boorman and Ken McKeighen will be discussing those fascinating Sea Snakes. Sea Snakes are closely related to Cobras. They are aquatic rather than land dwelling snakes. True sea snakes only live in water. Sea Snakes have adapted to a life in water and have small flattened heads that minimizes water resistance when they swim. The Sea Snakes body is compressed as an adaptation for swimming and the snakes are so thoroughly aquatic that they are either clumsy or slow when brought ashore.

Let’s learn about their habits and habitats.You can ask our hosts questions on our webpage live chat and they will be happy to answer any you might have!

Monsters of Nature – Sea Snakes

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