Airing On Wednesday
August 2nd 2017

10:00 am eastern, 9:00 am central and 7:00 am pacific

On Natures Talk Shows On The Brink our hosts,Ken McKeighen and Ken Boorman will be discussing the amazing Pangolins.Pangolins are extremely at risk for extinction due to being hunted for their scales and meat.They are known as the scaly anteaters.Highly specialized diets combined with weak immune systems and extreme sensitivity to capture-induced stress mean pangolins do not do well in captivity, with records showing the majority of individuals die within the first three years. The 100 zoos and organizations that have tried to sustain the animals over the past 150 years have recorded mortality rates up to 70% in the first year. These characteristics demonstrate that commercial breeding is not a viable option to supply the medicinal trade. While farming has been introduced to supplement wild populations of some species whose body parts are prized in traditional medicines, this is not a possibility for pangolins, and therefore the only way forward is to reduce hunting and the demand for their meat and scales.

We must do all we can to help save these beautiful mammals!

On The Brink – Animals in Peril-Pangolin

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