Paleontology – Eupelycosaurs and Archosaurs
Join Ken McKeighen as he discusses the rise of the Eupelycosaurs (Dimetrodon and relatives) and the Archosaurs (dinosaur ancestors) with host Ken Boorman.The first mammals appeared around 225 million years ago, in the late Triassic Period. However, the story of mammals began millions of years before then.

The evolution of mammals is a story that takes place over hundreds of millions of years.

In the course of the story Earth is devastated by not one but three major extinction events. Each one was responsible for wiping out huge numbers of species.

We don?t know where the story will end: perhaps man will venture into space, or perhaps we?ll end up destroying the very planet whose resources enabled us to thrive.

The future is in our hands!

Mammal Evolution: Meet The First Mammals

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Paleontology – Eupelycosaurs and Archosaurs

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Paleontology – Eupelycosaurs and Archosaurs
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