On the Brink – Animals in Peril – Black Rhino
On Natures Talk Show series, On The Brink of Extinction, Ken Boorman and Ken McKeighen will be discussing the critically endangered Black Rhino.Black rhinos have two horns, and occasionally a third small posterior horn. The front horn is longer than the rear which makes them lucrative targets for the illegal trade in rhino horn. Between 1970 and 1992, 96 percent of Africa?s remaining black rhinos were killed. A wave of poaching for rhino horn rippled through Kenya and Tanzania, continued south through Zambia?s Luangwa Valley as far as the Zambezi River, and spread into Zimbabwe. Political instability and wars have greatly hampered rhino conservation work in Africa, notably in Angola, Rwanda, Somalia and Sudan. This situation has exacerbated threats such as trade in rhino horn, and increased poaching due to poverty.
Source: zenolive
On the Brink – Animals in Peril – Black Rhino

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On the Brink – Animals in Peril – Black Rhino
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