Pongo pygmaeus Orang-utan with baby at Camp Leakey Tanjung Puting Reserve South Kalimantan, Indonesia

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January 7th 2017

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On Natures Talk Shows next episode of On The Brink Ken Boorman and Ken McKeighen will be discussing the Bornean Oangutan.

Official guardians of nature’s Red List have upgraded its conservation status from endangered to critically endangered.

The current population is less than 50,000 individuals but a new study estimated 86 per cent of these will have disappeared by 2025 because of the forest destruction they are suffering.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature made its decision to move the Bornean orangutan from endangered to critically endangered after the study suggested that 56 per cent of the ape’s rainforest homelands had been degraded and 39 per cent destroyed between 1973 and 2010.

It is estimated that an area twice the size of Belgium will be lost over the next decade as rainforest is converted to plantations.

“The greatest threat to the orangutans is the degradation and destruction of their home in the rainforest,” says Claus Staunstrup Nilsson, executive director in Save the Orangutan.



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