Paleontology – Sternberg and Walcott
On Monday September 19th join Ken B. and Ken M. as they discuss two early paleontologists. Walcott was born in New York. His grandfather, Benjamin S. Walcott, moved from Rhode Island in 1822. His father, also Charles Doolittle Walcott, died when Charles Jr. was only two. Walcott was the youngest of four children. He was interested in nature from an early age, collecting minerals and bird eggs and, eventually, fossils.

Sternberg?s older brother, Dr. George M. Sternberg (1838?1915) was a military surgeon assigned to Fort Harker near Ellsworth, Kansas, and brought the rest of the Sternberg family to Kansas to live on his ranch about 1868. Once there, Charles became interested in collecting fossil leaves from the Dakota Sandstone Formation. In the 1870s, he studied at Kansas State under the noted paleontologist Benjamin Franklin Mudge, but he soon left school in order to spend more time in the field.
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Paleontology – Sternberg and Walcott

Paleontology – Sternberg and Walcott
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