Green Scene – Cycads #2 (the Genus Cycas)
Natures Talk Show The Green Scene will be discussing how to grow and care for the amazing Cycas.Cycas and cycas plant species are closely related to Cycas revoluta (Sago Palm or King Sago), the most popular cycad plant. Cycas are native to Asia, Pacific Islands, Australia and Africa (one species). Popular Cycas species include Cycas revoluta, Cycas taitungensis (Emperor Sago), Cycas panzhihuaensis (Blue Mountain Sago) and Cycas debaoensis (Multipinnate Cycas).

The name Cycas comes from Koikas, Greek for palm, and Cycas are the most palm-like cycads. A beautiful distinguishing feature of Cycas is its new leaflets, which emerge coiled and then slowly unfurl.
Source: zenolive
Green Scene – Cycads #2 (the Genus Cycas)

Green Scene – Cycads #2 (the Genus Cycas)
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