Paleontology – Early Paleontologists: Cope & Marsh
Fine Art of Paleontology continues with the early Paleontologists, Edward D. Cope and Othniel C. Marsh who were early pioneers in Paleontology. As the United States was recovering from the social and political turmoil of the Civil War, a rivalry emerged in the nascent field of American Paleontology. Othniel Charles Marsh and Edward Drinker Cope, former friends turned competing paleontologists, began scouring the American West for prehistoric fossil deposits in the hopes of discovering unknown species from the past. While the two scientists came from different backgrounds, their common passion for paleontology and mutual disdain for each other fueled their ambition, ultimately leading to the discovery of over a hundred new species in America. At the same time, their bitter rivalry damaged their reputations and left the two almost penniless at their deaths.
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Paleontology – Early Paleontologists: Cope & Marsh

Paleontology – Early Paleontologists: Cope & Marsh
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