We are interested in sharing your pet or wildlife related videos on our Youtube channel. Do you have a video that you would like to share ? Any pet or nature video that you have captured and would like to show others we would welcome on our new Youtube channel. We would also welcome any fun videos with pets or wildlife.  We also encourage you to talk and be in the video to describe what is happening in the video while you are recording. You must be the owner of the video and give us permisson to use the video. How can you get us the videos? You can email us here for more information >

 Contact Us Here To Share Video File


You can also contact us (via Message) on our Facebook page Facebook with the link to your video to use that is already posted on Facebook or on youtube channel. Just make sure to to give us the permission to download and repost the video to our youtube channel. We also have the right to refuse any content we don’t feel is appropriate.

Example Video

Thank You

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Share Your Pet or Wildlife Videos With Us Now
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